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You're More Than Just Bench Strength

Reports on the market and blogs about the insurance industry regularly address the changing market and trends relating to M&A, but they don’t often look at the impact such transactions have on the...

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6 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Move

As you’re looking for a new opportunity to advance your career as an insurance producer, finding the right agency for your future can be the hardest challenge because the process is about more than fi...

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How to Overcome Financial Insecurity When Transitioning to a New Agency

You may have discovered new career possibilities at an entrepreneurial or lifestyle agency. However, leaving your current agency, losing your book of business, and starting from scratch can be too ner...

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The Fight For and Against Noncompetes: Evaluating  Aon v. Heffernan

The hot debate for and against noncompetes continues in the United States. Currently, a battle between two insurance brokerages, California-based Alliant Insurance Services Inc. and U.K.-based Aon plc...

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What Insurance Producers Need to Know About P2P Insurance

A new term in the P&C insurance industry refers to peer-to-peer (P2P) insurance, which is defined by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) as:

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The Secrets to Vocational Freedom and Success

The workplace environment is changing in America. Innovative technology, the Millennial mindset, and evolving expectations are driving a new culture with more individualization and increased freedoms....

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