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What Impact Could Artificial Intelligence (AI) Have on P&C Insurance?

A recent report from Allianz discusses the impact the P&C insurance industry and society at large will see from artificial intelligence (AI), including adjustments to the way risks are underwritte...

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Millennials in Insurance: Changing the Workforce

Oftentimes, millennials get a bad rap for their efforts in the workplace with labels like "lazy" and "entitled." However, millennials are the generational force behind the workplace change that everyo...

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Changing Tides: A Trend to Limit the Power of Noncompetes

Last year changed the tide on noncompete agreements in the United States. Many states, including California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, Rhode Island, and Utah have enacted laws or encountered le...

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Autonomous Vehicles Bring Disruption and Short-Term Opportunity 

The safety and stability provided by autonomous vehicles can make insurers question the benefits they provide the industry. A recent study by Accenture and Stevens Institute of Technology estimates mo...

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How to Handle Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreements

Did you know you could earn almost $100,000 more a year with a different compensation model? Without the fear of losing your book of business and starting from scratch, the transition would be an easy...

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Preparing for Potential Insurance Regulation Changes

Although most insurers are working toward stricter risk management initiatives and regulatory compliance now, potential regulatory changes could pose more of a challenge in 2018 and beyond. As a top p...

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