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Insurance Producer: Salesman Or Trusted Advisor?

As professionals, you want to excel in your line of business. You never want to be put in a position where you feel your organization’s structure or culture is preventing you from excellence. Unfortun...

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How The Cloud Is Transforming The Insurance Sector

The late American inventor and businessman Charles Kettering once said, “If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.”

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Three Technology Trends Impacting The P&C Insurance Industry In 2019

For 2019, what are the emerging trends for the property and casualty insurance industry? Evolving technology, terrorism, natural disasters, and increasing threats of cyberattacks present factors that ...

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Preparing for Potential Insurance Regulation Changes

Although most insurers are working toward stricter risk management initiatives and regulatory compliance now, potential regulatory changes could pose more of a challenge in 2018 and beyond. As a top p...

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2017 P&C Insurance Industry Outlook

Last year brought many changes to the insurance industry, including new technologies, moderate growth, increased mergers and acquisitions, and more; 2017 looks to be no different. With many environmen...

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What the Q3 2016 M&A Performance Means for You

Earlier this year, we discussed the increase in mergers and acquisitions over the past several years. In September, Insurance Journal reported transactions were down from 2015, but activity remained r...

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