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the-secret-truth-infographic-0616.pngIf you knew there were a $1 million difference between your current compensation model and another option, you'd look into it, right? Of course. In The Secret Truth infographic, you'll see a side-by-side comparison of the top two compensation models and the long-term impact of their differences. The bottom line just might shock you. 

To own or not to own? The answer to that question and many others makes a huge difference for insurance producers. Check out the differences in the compensation models so you can make the right decisions for your future. 

In "The Secret Truth" infographic, you'll learn: 

  • How new and renewal commissions compare in the different models.
  • What typically is included in each model.
  • The vast differences in each model. 
  • What retirement looks like for each model.

Download the infographic today to learn more about the differences in producer compensation models. You might find there are options available that better fit your goals and your life!


Download The Secret Truth Infographic Today!

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